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Spencer Fane Funds UACI Sponsored Launch for Science and Technology Startups

January 29, 2024

Spencer Fane is excited to announce its collaboration with the University of Arizona Center for Innovation (UACI) for the UACI Sponsored Launch Fueled by Spencer Fane LLP competition, granting one innovative science and/or technology startup a sponsored year of admission at UACI and legal services from Spencer Fane to support the successful launch of their business.

The sponsorship includes a “structured incubation program, customized business mentoring, and the ability to work alongside other startups in a fast-paced environment.” The winning company also gains access to office and laboratory space and a 28-point roadmap for structural and financial planning, in addition to valuable legal support from Spencer Fane. The total package, valued at $16,800, is fully funded by the firm.

The competition embraces the firm’s values of creative problem-solving via diverse perspectives with its theme of addressing significant business or societal challenges through innovation. At Spencer Fane, fostering innovation lies at the heart of the firm’s geographic expansion, DEI initiatives, and overall continued success. The firm’s leadership wholeheartedly believes that investing in untapped talents and spaces creates better opportunities and outcomes for entire sectors and looks forward to the future impact the 2024 sponsorship winner will cultivate for local and global communities.

Learn more about the UACI Sponsored Launch here.

Interested startups in Southern Arizona have until February 2 to submit applications.