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Shawn Tuma Talks Ransomware Impacts and Solutions

July 13, 2021

Spencer Fane attorney Shawn Tuma was recently featured as part of a news story for CW-affiliate, KDAF, where he covered cybersecurity and the rise in ransomware attacks.

The TV segment discussed ransomware and its impact on businesses and communities of all sizes. Shawn summarized the recent ransomware attack at the software company Kaseya and weighed in on potential solutions. He emphasized the importance of protecting your data by storing backups separate from the main network and using complex passwords.

“Ransomware in its simplest form is where hackers find some way to get into your computer network, and they use a malicious software to then encrypt all of your data and force you to pay a ransom to get your data back,” Shawn explained during the interview. “It doesn’t matter how valuable your data is on the market…it’s valuable to you and your company, and you’ll pay to get it back if you don’t have backups, and they know that.”

To view the full segment, please click here.