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Shawn Tuma Provides Timely Cybersecurity Updates

February 21, 2022

Spencer Fane attorney Shawn Tuma recently wrote an article for the State Bar of Texas, was a featured guest on the CyberRes Reimagining Cyber podcast, and a speaker at both the University of Texas (UT) Law CLE event and the WorldWide Services event.

In the State Bar of Texas article titled “Cybersecurity and Data Privacy,” Shawn summarized 2021 cyber developments, including the Texas data breach requirements and related case examples.

Joining the CyberRes Reimagining Cyber podcast, Shawn discussed cyber insurance and best practices for implementing cyber risk management programs. He used a prevalent cyber threat to explain the importance of having data protection measures.

As a widely recognized thought leader in cybersecurity and data privacy law, Shawn is a frequent presenter at professional and educational events. Recently, Shawn spoke at UT Law’s 39th Annual Nonprofit Organizations Institute during the “Master Class: Data Protection and Cybersecurity” session. His presentation focused on how cyber threats impact nonprofit organizations and ways to ensure cyber compliance with the law.

Shawn also joined a panel discussion for a webinar hosted by WorldWide Services about cybersecurity in Texas. Shawn and the panel covered Texas cybersecurity litigation, cyber risk management and response tactics, and lessons learned from real-world cyber attacks, among other topics.

To read the State Bar of Texas article, please click here. Listen to the CyberRes podcast here. Learn more about Shawn’s UT Law presentation here and his presentation at the WorldWide Services event here.