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Shawn Tuma Provides Insight on Oil Pipeline Cyber Attack

July 28, 2021

Spencer Fane attorney Shawn Tuma recently joined the Down The Security Rabbithole (DtSR) podcast as a featured guest to discuss a recent ransomware attack at an American oil company.

Shawn explained the concerns involving this cybersecurity attack and how it might be a turning point for the United States cyber interests.

“Whenever we’re dealing with ransomware attacks, it is not a perfect process – your recovery, your restoration of your data, and getting operations back online,” Shawn explained on the podcast. “It’s an incremental process where you’re celebrating each step really because it is better than you were and better than it may have been otherwise.”

Shawn went on to emphasize the importance of having cyber insurance, noting that “insurance [is] slowly stepping in to play a much, much bigger role in security than you might think.”

To listen to the full podcast, please click here.