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Shawn Tuma Provides In-Depth Look at Cyber Insurance on Down the Security Rabbithole Podcast

December 6, 2022

Spencer Fane attorney Shawn Tuma was recently featured on the Down the Security Rabbithole (DtSR) podcast’s October 19 episode to discuss cyber insurance.

Shawn was joined by WTW’s Sean Scranton and Canon EMEA’s Sebastian Avarvarei. The episode, Insuring Corporate Survival, examined cyber insurance from the perspectives of a broker, buyer, and lawyer and provided an in-depth look at its importance to the corporate world.

DtSR is a work-safe podcast that provides an entertaining and educational perspective on the cybersecurity industry. Hosted by Rafal Los and James Jardine, each episode features guest interviews with industry thought leaders who make news, change, and history. Shawn has been a multi-episode guest and was named a “Cyber Superhero” by the show in 2020.

At Spencer Fane, Shawn helps businesses protect their information and protect themselves from their information. He represents a wide range of clients, from small to midsize companies to Fortune 100 companies, across the United States and globally in dealing with cybersecurity, data privacy, data breach and incident response, regulatory compliance, computer fraud-related legal issues, and cyber-related litigation.

Listen to the full episode here.