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Shawn Tuma Provides Commentary on City of Dallas Ransomware Attack

May 22, 2023

In a recent SecureWorld article, Spencer Fane attorney Shawn Tuma opined on the May 1 ransomware attack that affected the city of Dallas.

In the post, City of Dallas Vital Services Shut Down in Suspected Ransomware Attack, Shawn spoke with SecureWorld’s Cam Sivesind about the event that temporarily shut down the city’s police communications and IT systems. Shawn shared a cybersecurity thought leader’s perspective and voiced his faith in the city of Dallas’ preventive and incident response measures.

“Unfortunately, ‘cybersecurity’ is not a technical problem that can just be fixed with a patch, security update, change of code, or even a tool or service … [it’s] an ongoing battle with an active adversary that is countering every move and continuously probing for new weaknesses to exploit,” he said. He also expressed confidence “that the city is being led by an expert team of experienced incident response counsel and cybersecurity providers that are most likely working in conjunction with its cyber insurance providers.”

At Spencer Fane, Shawn helps businesses protect their information and protect themselves from their information. He represents a wide range of clients, from small to midsize companies to Fortune 100 companies, across the United States and globally, in dealing with cybersecurity, data privacy, data breach and incident response, regulatory compliance, computer fraud-related legal issues, and cyber-related litigation. As a widely recognized professional in cybersecurity and data privacy law, he is frequently sought out by other law firms and organizations to advise them when these issues arise.

Read Shawn’s full comments here.