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Shawn Tuma Featured as Cybersecurity Guest for Multiple Media Outlets

September 28, 2021

Spencer Fane attorney Shawn Tuma was recently featured on the CyberRes Reimagining Cyber podcast, Down The Security Rabbithole (DtSR) podcast, and KLIF 570 Morning News covering relevant cybersecurity topics.

On the CyberRes Reimagining Cyber podcast, Shawn discussed best practices for responding to cybersecurity attacks. He emphasized the importance of implementing a cyber risk management program as a preventative measure and having a crisis management plan for when an incident occurs. During the podcast, Shawn explains that “reasonable cybersecurity is not a definition, it’s a process. It’s a process of evaluating your risks, which are all unique to each business, assessing – your risk assessment, and then developing a strategic plan for addressing those risks, and then executing on it, and then continuously re-evaluating.”

As part of the DtSR podcast, Shawn participated in a discussion on cyber insurance, noting that “you need a broker or agent that understands the nuts and bolts of cyber…that can have these detailed nuanced conversations or else you are not going to get the insurance you need.”

For KILF 570AM Morning News, Shawn focused the conversation on the increase in Cybersecurity threats, including recent ransomware attacks, problems that companies are facing, and how cyber insurance can mitigate risks.

To listen to the CyberRes podcast, please click here. Listen to the DtSR podcast here and the KLIF 570 interview here.