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Shawn Tuma Explains Lessons Learned from Cyber Attacks

May 12, 2021

Spencer Fane attorney Shawn Tuma recently wrote an article for the Ethical Boardroom, discussing a recent cybersecurity attack on FireEye and Solar Winds’ Orion network and lessons that board members can learn from it.

“Cyber risk is a challenging issue for the board of directors,” Shawn explained in the article. “[D]irectors must have a better understanding of [cybersecurity]…they should focus on the big picture while also ensuring the company has the right team in place, that the team understands its objective, it has an actionable plan and resources needed to achieve the objective, and that it is executing that plan in an effective manner.”

He explained that humility and resilience are key to mitigate risk, emphasizing that a cyber threat can happen to those that have sophisticated and well-maintained information technology networks and defensive measures.

“[Being] resilient and thinking about resilience requires having the humility to recognize that your company can and will be hit so you need to prepare for how to move forward when it happens,” Shawn noted.

To read the full article, please click here.