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Shawn Tuma Discusses Cybersecurity and Cyber Insurance for TechTarget

March 17, 2022

Spencer Fane attorney Shawn Tuma was recently featured in two TechTarget Security articles about cybersecurity, risk management, and cyber insurance.

In the article “Cyber Insurance Premiums, Costs Skyrocket as Attacks Surge,” Shawn weighs in on the rise in demand for cyber insurance despite higher insurance fees. The article focuses on the increased desire for businesses to mitigate risk by having cyber insurance as cyberattacks increase.

The article “MVSP: Will Google’s Security Baseline Work?” explains ways Google and other technology companies have responded to third-party data breaches, including supply chain attacks. Shawn describes how cyber supply chain risk is “one of the greatest threats that many companies face” and the challenges involving managing cyber supply chain risk.

With cyber supply chain attacks, Shawn notes that “[o]nce the vendor selection process is completed, it is often largely out of their hands to control, and that is a problem.” Shawn also explains best practices for creating and implementing cyber risk management plans.

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