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Sandy Wirtel Highlighted for Pro Bono Work in the Family Court System

November 20, 2020

Spencer Fane attorney Sandy Wirtel was recently featured in the UMKC School of Law’s Alumni Magazine Res Ipsa for her pro bono work in the family court system.

Titled “Alumna Finds Her Calling in Juvenile Court,” the article details the path Sandy took that led her to practice family law, and how she has continued the difficult work throughout her career.

“There was finally some meaning to what I had been working hard to do,” Sandy explained in the article. “I could be a lawyer who helped kids.”

Focusing on juvenile and family law matters, Sandy helps clients in Jackson County Family Court, so that they can receive sound advice from legal counsel experienced in child abuse and neglect and juvenile delinquency cases. She handles these court-appointed cases on behalf of the firm’s attorneys as well as for other lawyers in the Jackson County community.

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