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Ruthie White Talks Employer Pay Transparency for

March 30, 2023

Spencer Fane attorney Ruthie White authored an article published in two digital publications: the February issue of HRIS & Payroll Excellence and the March issue of HR Legal & Compliance.

Ruthie discussed the growing trend of pay transparency laws and practices in her article, Pay Transparency Laws Call for High Employer Due Diligence. She also advised employers on steps to navigate this “increasingly challenging regulatory environment.”

“The best option for employers might be to take control of the situation and create policies and best practices instituting companywide transparency,” Ruthie said. “This can be not only proactive but also beneficial to company culture to take this step even if not currently required by law. In addition to showing support for pay equity and addressing often persistent and inherent wage gaps across gender and racial identities, this helps move toward compliance if and when a law does take effect requiring the practice.”

At Spencer Fane, Ruthie helps employers resolve labor and employment disputes in and out of court. She has an established track record of favorable outcomes in discrimination, harassment, and retaliation cases while defending educational entities, local governments, and clients in the energy, banking, technology, retail, health care, and construction industries.

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