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Peter Goplerud Weighs in on NIL Regulation in the Sports Business Journal

June 1, 2023

Spencer Fane attorney Peter Goplerud recently authored an article published by the Sports Business Journal. In it, he opined on the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA)’s approach to regulating how college athletes monetize use of name, image, and likeness (NIL).

In his op-ed, College Sports Doesn’t Need Congressional Protection — It Needs Bold, Creative Leadership, Peter examined the organization’s wish to secure federal legislation that would set national standards for the regulation of NIL activities. Noting that Congress has shown little understanding of the “Wild West” situation created by NIL, Peter concluded that it’s the college sports leaders and organizations themselves that are best suited to lead the charge in this arena.

“Presidents, athletic directors, and conference commissioners need to solve this themselves,” Peter said. “It is time to establish a committee or working group of a manageable size that includes current athletes and charge it with putting together an approach to NIL that would benefit the athletes and convince the states that they do not need to be legislating in this space.”

At Spencer Fane, Peter serves as of counsel in the Higher Education practice. With a focus on higher education and sports law, he is a frequent lecturer and is widely published in the sports law area, including serving as co-author of one of the leading textbooks on the subject. Peter also has extensive accreditation experience, particularly within legal education, having served as chair of numerous ABA Site Evaluation teams.

Read the full article here.