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Pat McInerney Provides Insight on Practical Law in Thomson Reuters Video

August 12, 2021

Spencer Fane attorney Pat McInerney was recently featured in a video for Thomson Reuters Practical Law Compliance, where he discussed best practices for internal investigations.

During the segment, Pat covered the importance of planning for internal investigations, attorney-client privilege, confidentiality, common mistakes, and how the pandemic has affected this area of law. He emphasized the need for internal governance and businesses to prepare a plan for people, processes, and communications.

“Part of the critical measure of an internal investigation is whether it was conducted according to a plan,” Pat explained. “We tell clients all the time the need to plan for an internal investigation before the day it’s needed is really critical.”

Discussing confidentiality, Pat noted, “The critical piece for preserving the attorney-client relationship is to have someone acting as an attorney direct the investigation and hopefully design the investigation before it’s needed.”

To view the full video, click here. Please note a subscription may be required.