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Loren Mulraine Joins Intellectual Property Panel at Virtual C-IP2 Conference

May 30, 2023

Spencer Fane attorney Loren Mulraine participated on a panel for the April 28 virtual conference, Culture & IP: Analogs to Intellectual Property in Different Cultures. The event was hosted by the George Mason University Center for Intellectual Property x Innovation Policy (C-IP2).

During the session, Gatekeeping/Gateopening Intellectual Property in Cultural Expression, Loren and his fellow IP thought leaders examined and challenged the traditional boundary drawing of the IP industry. They also contemplated how expanding IP’s reach can better support underrepresented artists and expressive works. Loren highlighted the evolution of the music industry as an example.

“Historically, the balance of power between artists and corporate entities has been anything but balanced,” he said. He also noted that shifts in the industry, such as increased recording avenues and the rise of streaming, have started to change this power dynamic. As a result, “artists of color recognizing their value” have greatly contributed to musicians’ increased control of their creative work.

Loren was joined on the panel by Jordana Goodman of Boston University School of Law, Dr. Eden Sarid of the University of Essex Law School, and Dr. Anjali Vats of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. Dr. Bhamati Viswanathan of New England Law served as moderator.

At Spencer Fane, Loren merges an understanding of the creative elements of the entertainment and media industries with legal and business skills to protect his clients’ intellectual property, build their business enterprises, and advocate for social justice. He is also a Professor of Law and Director of Music and Entertainment Law Studies at the Belmont University College of Law.

View recordings of all the conference panels, including Loren’s, here.