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Kunal Shah Provides Legal Insights on the Sports Pharmacy Podcast

October 3, 2023

Spencer Fane attorney Kunal Shah was the featured guest on the September 15 episode of the Sports Pharmacy Podcast, Avoiding Legal Pitfalls.

Kunal joined his client, friend, and podcast host Dr. Hussam Hamoush to share legal insights on business disputes impacting the health care industry. He emphasized the importance of carefully reviewing and negotiating contract terms, provided advice to small and large healthcare providers, and shared his passion for the New York Yankees and fitness. One of his key points was not falling into contractual “waste,” which often occurs when healthcare providers enter into third-party service contracts.  

“The best advice I can give to clients is to find a way to keep your service providers on their toes. They need you a lot more than you need them, and their job shouldn’t end once you’ve signed the contract,” Kunal said. “In any vendor community … they promise you ease. And sometimes, if your cash flow is great, you’re not noticing the waste. But I will say most of the time, there is a lot of waste if you’re not communicating with these providers on a monthly or quarterly basis and looking at what they’re providing you and seeing if it’s met your expectations.”

At Spencer Fane, Kunal provides collaborative and proactive counsel to clients ranging from corporations to businesses of all sizes to C-suite individuals. He brings specific industry experience in construction, health care, IT, food service, and retail with a curated track record in successfully resolving disputes involving trade secret misappropriation, breach of restrictive covenants, hacking, fraud, breach of contract, discrimination, and retaliation.

Listen to the full podcast episode here or here.