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Julia Vander Weele Featured in Kansas City Business Journal as Women Who Mean Business Honoree

September 15, 2023

Spencer Fane attorney Julia Vander Weele was spotlighted in a special edition of Kansas City Business Journal (KCBJ) for her recent 2023 Women Who Mean Business honor.

Julia received this distinction for her significant impact on the legal industry and Kansas City business community. In the August 18 KCBJ issue, she and her fellow 24 honorees “shared stories of growth from turning negatives into positives.” Julia revealed how, early on in her career, she learned the power of seeking change when a departmental move she first feared garnered her professional development.

 “I decided that not only was I going to stop sitting around worrying about whether I was going to be the one told to move, I decided to reengineer or change the narrative and affirmatively ask that I be the one to be granted the opportunity,” she shared. “… How I perceived and how I reacted to something made such a big difference because then I kind of controlled everybody else’s perception about it, too.”

At Spencer Fane, Julia serves as an employee benefits attorney who also sits on the Spencer Fane Executive Committee and serves as the Kansas City Office Managing Partner. In addition to her leadership at the firm, Julia maintains a full-time legal practice that helps employers and other benefit plan sponsors create and maintain competitive benefits packages that attract and retain talent to help their businesses thrive.

Read the full Women Who Mean Business issue here and read Julia’s profile here. Please note, a subscription may be required.