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Jon Farnsworth Joins NBI Seminar to Talk Common Business Contracts Errors

July 6, 2022

Spencer Fane attorney Jon L. Farnsworth shared practical strategies for reducing drafting errors in business agreements at a National Business Institute (NBI) seminar on June 22.

His presentation, Top 10 Mistakes in Business Contracts, focused on avoiding common mistakes in recitals and preambles, allocating overall risk, and handling dispute resolution provisions. Jon also provided insight into avoiding common perils when handling e-contracts and e-signatures. In addition, he shared his top 10 do’s and don’ts for when deals go south.

The overall seminar focused on avoiding the most frequent mistakes in drafting dangerous provisions in common business contracts. Jon was joined by David Charles, Rees Broome, PC; Robert Nutt, Law Office of Robert Nutt; and John Snow, Parsons Behle & Latimer.

At Spencer Fane, Jon assists clients with all aspects of business and technology law, from mergers and acquisitions to brand and intellectual property rights protection and digital transformations, including cloud software environments.