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John Watson Examines Landmark Climate Change Court Decision in Law360

September 12, 2023

Spencer Fane attorney John Watson commented on the ruling for Held v. Montana – a landmark climate change case – in Law360’s recent article, Montana Youth Climate Ruling Leaves Much Ground to Cover.

John was one of several environmental law thought leaders who discussed the case with Law360 reporter Juan Carlos Rodriguez. John – who has covered the trial extensively on the firm’s Environmental and Energy Law Solutions blog – discussed challenges the attorney general will have in appealing the case, the methodology of Judge Seeley’s decision, and how the decision will affect similar cases in the future.  

“[Judge Seeley] did a very comprehensive job, page after page after page of addressing the specific testimony of each of the youth plaintiffs to conclude that there was injury that could be redressed in court,” John said. “That creates a template for other state courts to go the same way.”

At Spencer Fane, John leverages his in-depth commercial trial and litigation knowledge to understand clients’ needs and goals and serves as a formidable advocate on their behalf. As both a defense trial attorney and counselor, John represents clients in a variety of complex commercial cases, including public land and natural resources law, mining, oil and gas, wildlife, toxic tort, Superfund, and air, water, and environmental waste cases.

Read the full article here, and John’s blog coverage of Held v. Montana here, here, and here. Please note, a subscription may be required for the Law360 article.