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Jane Fedder Provides Insight on Messy Citizen Suit Standing Principles

September 1, 2020

Spencer Fane attorney Jane Fedder published an article featured in Law360 discussing the recent court ruling in Environment Texas Citizen Lobby v. ExxonMobil Corp.

Titled “Exxon Ruling Makes Traceability Key In Clean Air Citizen Suits,” Jane’s article outlines how the court decision will impact future lawsuits. Explaining the background on Environment Texas Citizen Lobby v. ExxonMobil Corp., Jane details the eligibility criteria that citizen suits must establish to bring lawsuits and the possible risks for parties litigating these issues.

“At first blush, a requirement that CAA (Clean Air Act) plaintiffs must prove standing for each violation in support of their claims appears arduous,” Jane explains in the article. “However, the Fifth Circuit’s expansive view of traceability between alleged violations and injuries may actually make it easier for plaintiffs to show eligibility to bring such lawsuits.”

To read the full article, please click here. Originally published in Law360.