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Implementing the New Title IX Regulations —​ A Deeper Dive into the Grievance Process

September 10, 2020

Spencer Fane attorneys Joe HatleyStephanie Lovett-Bowman, and Ruthie White’s objective for this webinar is to go beyond the regulations, and focus on some knotty practical problems that you probably can’t resolve just from reading the regulations. These are problems we have identified in the course of drafting policies for our clients, and we will explain how we have attempted to resolve them.

Topics will include:

  • Recommended practices for intake and processing of reports
  • Filing formal complaints when the complainant elects not to do so
  • Supportive measures –expanding on those listed in the regulations
  • Notifying the complainant of sensitive evidence that will have to be given to the respondent
  • Credibility determinations and the role of the investigator
  • Disciplinary measures against the respondent—who decides?
  • Allowing appeals based on errors in fact or law by the decision-maker

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