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IADC’s 2022 Midyear Meeting

February 10, 2022

Spencer Fane Bone McAllester attorneys Paul Kruse and Stephen Zralek will participate in panel discussions at the upcoming International Association of Defense Counsel (IADC) 2022 Midyear Meeting.

During the “Unusual Trademarks” session, Paul will discuss trademarks and examples of unusual property that can be protected by trademarks, including colors, sounds, and product configurations, among others. Learning objectives include:

  • Basics of trademark law
  • Unique categories of trademarks
  • How to defend trademarks

Stephen will help lead the “Tracing the History of College Athletes’ Fight for Compensation in the United States” session, covering the evolution of student-athlete litigation, including the historic decision in NCAA v. Alston and recent changes involving name, image, and likeness rights. Learning objectives will include:

  • What led to the 2021 landmark Supreme Court decision that held the NCAA’s ban on student-athlete compensation violate antitrust laws
  • The legal theories college athletes asserted prior to this case, which laid the groundwork for 2021
  • Perspectives from lawyers who participated in the Supreme Court case and prior challenges by student-athletes and their theories on why the landscape shifted in 2021

The event runs from February 18, 2022 to March 4, 2022, and there are both in-person and virtual options. The IADC is an invitation-only organization comprised of corporate and insurance lawyers and executives. Members have the opportunity to expand and improve skills, professionalism, and relationships to better serve clients, the civil justice system, the legal field, and society.

To learn more and register, please click here.