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Gerrit Pronske Publishes Latest Edition of His Texas Bankruptcy Textbook

June 22, 2023

Spencer Fane attorney Gerrit Pronske recently released the 23rd edition of Pronske’s Texas Bankruptcy, Annotated. This American Lawyer Media (ALM)-published textbook covers the latest information on Texas Bankruptcy law.

Each year, Gerrit covers the industry’s most significant updates. Topics include annotations to the Bankruptcy Code and Rules from the past year’s Fifth Circuit and U.S. Supreme Court cases, and the latest amendments to the Bankruptcy Code, selected Texas statutes that impact the bankruptcy practice, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and Evidence, and local and national Bankruptcy Rules.

At Spencer Fane, Gerrit represents clients involved in every aspect of insolvency law, including business reorganization, bankruptcy, creditors’ rights, and insolvency litigation both inside the bankruptcy courts and in the state and federal courts. He has built strong experience in all areas of insolvency law, additionally serving as a trained mediator specializing in cases involving those areas. Pronske has served as Chairman of the Dallas Bankruptcy Bar Association and Chairman of the Federal Bankruptcy Bar Association, and is a regular speaker on recent developments in bankruptcy law.

Order the textbook here.