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David O’Leary Provides Insight on Metropolitan Districts and Colorado’s Taxpayer Bill of Rights Issues

May 18, 2021

Spencer Fane attorney David O’Leary was recently featured in a Loveland Reporter-Herald article regarding metropolitan districts and utilizing them as a development tool for completing public infrastructure within communities.

The article outlines property tax burdens and the challenges cities and towns have related to paying for and building infrastructure. David emphasized that metropolitan districts are an available financing tool that work with the needs of the community and municipalities within the constraints of state law, the Colorado Constitution’s Taxpayer Bill of Rights, and local jurisdictions rules and regulations to accomplish development goals.

“If you had to finance every street, every park, every open space, every turn lane…you just couldn’t do it,” David explained, noting that without Districts and the collaboration with counties and municipalities, some projects and the public improvements needed for a community may not get completed in a timely manner or at all.

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