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Data Breach Response: Shawn Tuma Comments on Unique Indictment

September 25, 2020

Spencer Fane attorney Shawn Tuma was recently quoted by Wired in an article detailing the high-profile indictment of Uber’s former chief security officer following a data breach that took place in 2016.

Titled “A Former Uber Exec’s Indictment Is a Warning Shot,” the article outlines the unique circumstances of the indictment, which is the first of its kind. The alleged cover-up of the 2016 data breach, took place during an unrelated investigation into Uber’s data security practices.

In the article, Shawn notes that while this could have future implications for other companies, this exact situation will be rare. “For years we have been hearing the same kind of talk that companies aren’t going to change how they protect data until somebody goes to jail over it,” Shawn explains in the article. “But this isn’t just a typical data breach notification case. Had the FTC investigation not been going on then the question is what [criminal] law would this have violated? I don’t think this would have been prosecuted in those more typical situations.”

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