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Dale Burrus and Lauren Nelson Examine COVID-19 Impact on Health Care Providers

May 27, 2021

Spencer Fane attorneys Dale Burrus and Lauren Nelson recently joined the American Health Law Association podcast as featured guests to discuss how the pandemic has impacted health care professionals.

Titled “Top Ten 2021: Risk Management and Professional Liability,” Dale and Lauren detailed risk management tactics and long-standing risk issues in the health care industry.

Dale and Lauren talked on a variety of topics including, “provider burnout, patients with non-COVID conditions, state-enacted immunities from prosecution, the increased use of telehealth, cybersecurity, and discrepancies in health care,” among other health law trends.

“In terms of litigation and risk management, we are seeing more claims filed that are indirectly related to COVID…there have been claims that arose from surgical error and supply shortages,” Lauren explained. “We do expect that we will continue seeing those [COVID and non-COVID claims].”

Dale provided insight on state-enacted immunities, noting that “almost every state had or is in the process of enacting something that provides protection as it relates to COVID.”

“In general, these immunities state that they will be immune of care of COVID patients…this [applies] if you were compliant with laws and as long as there was not any kind of gross negligence,” Dale noted.

To listen to the full podcast, please click here.