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Andy Lester Commends OSU Governing Board Amidst Social Change

July 16, 2020

Spencer Fane attorney Andy Lester recently published an opinion article for The Oklahoman explaining his support for removing the name of former Gov. William H. “Alfalfa Bill” Murray from two buildings at the gateway to the Oklahoma State University campus.

In his piece, Andy outlines “Alfalfa Bill” Murray’s history in Oklahoma, highlighting flagrant anti-Semitism and racism. “As with anything, one can take the un-naming process to an extreme. But let’s save that debate for another day and another person.”

Honing in on his appreciation for higher education, Andy explains, “state colleges and universities are the breeding ground of the best and the brightest, our future business, community, and government leaders. The name of a campus building teaches something. In the case of Murray, however, the lessons are wrong on all counts.”

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