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Andrew Brought Discusses Environmental Cleanup with EcoRadio KC

October 2, 2020

Spencer Fane attorney Andrew Brought was recently interviewed by EcoRadio KC 90.1 KKFI Kansas City Community Radio on environmental cleanup, specifically in the greater Kansas City area, highlighting redevelopment and cleanup projects on former contaminated sites.

Titled “What We Can Learn From Environmental Clean Up,” the podcast covered the impact of environmental cleanup laws on local citizens.

Among other topics, Andrew discussed the value of Phase I Environmental Site Assessments for both businesses and the community. “If you go and buy a property, even if you did not cause the contamination on that property you are responsible for cleaning up that site,” Andrew explained in the feature.  “…There were various redevelopment opportunities that were falling through the cracks because individuals did not want to take on the liability for that preexisting contamination… if you conduct proper due diligence in advance, you can take on the title of the property without holding on to the legal liability.”

Andrew routinely advises property owners, developers, contractors, and related businesses on considerations for buying and selling real estate which may have environmental impacts.

To listen to the full podcast, please click here.