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Spencer Fane Hosts Community Influencers Dinner

Thursday night, March 24, Spencer Fane hosted a reception and dinner in conjunction with the Command and General Staff College Foundation (CGSCF). Over 40 Community Influencers – business and community leaders throughout Kansas City – attended the dinner to meet and listen to remarks from Patrick Murphy, the Acting Secretary of the Army. In his brief presentation, Secretary Murphy highlighted the role that the U.S. Army serves in protecting our country and others across the globe. “There are people in the world who want to harm our families, and U.S. Soldiers, keep us safe from them. U.S. Army Soldiers were in the Balkans to stop the largest genocide in Europe since WWII, and because of U.S. Army soldiers, girls in Afghanistan can go to school.” He also emphasized the importance of connections with veterans, and the value that veterans offer to companies and their communities. The CGSC Foundation provides resources and support to the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College (CGSC) in the development of tomorrow’s military leaders. The CGSCF helps to advance the profession of military art and science by promoting the welfare and enhancing the prestigious educational programs of the CGSC. Mike Hockley, Spencer Fane Partner, who serves as the President of the CGSCF Board of Trustees, was instrumental in bringing the event to Spencer Fane. “This event helped us raise awareness of the CGSCF to our community leaders, and stress the importance of the CGSC to the future of our country,” said Hockley. “All the attendees, including the Secretary and his staff, enjoyed the evening. Thanks to all who helped make this a terrific event.”