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Spencer Fane Continues Investment in Kansas City’s Arts Culture

Firm Pledges $50,000 Donation to the Heart of America Shakespeare Festival

Spencer Fane LLP is making a long-term commitment to support the Heart of America Shakespeare Festival, a nonprofit dedicated to hosting Shakespeare performances, free to all.

As part of the firm’s charitable giving program, Spencer Fane will contribute $50,000 to the Shakespeare Festival over the next three years – the largest current corporate donation that the Shakespeare Festival has received. The firm’s pledge will support the Shakespeare Festival’s mission to provide education and free performances to a diverse audience, strengthening the sense of community through theatre in Kansas City.

“The significant multi-year grant that Spencer Fane has awarded the Heart of America Shakespeare Festival provides an opportunity for the organization to sustain our current programs and invest in creating new programming for a growing audience,” said Sidonie Garrett, Executive Artistic Director of the Festival. “Spencer Fane has given our organization much needed support as we commemorate 24 years of presenting high-quality, professional productions and Shakespeare education programs. This award will enable us to expand our reach throughout the greater Kansas City community in our 25th year, and beyond. In addition to the generous financial award, HASF is grateful for the partnership with Spencer Fane and the volunteer hours that the firm’s professionals will provide during our three-year tenure.”

“The Festival has made an outstanding impact on our community as well as in the lives of countless young people who are able to learn about, experience and participate in the arts as a result of the organization’s efforts,” said Pat Whalen, Chair of Spencer Fane. “As a firm dedicated to making a positive difference in our community, we are thrilled to be involved with the Shakespeare Festival, and we want to help it thrive and remain a bright fixture in our arts community for years to come.”

The Shakespeare Festival has been an integral part of Kansas City’s thriving art scene for more than 20 years, providing the community with free public performances and educational resources. Since it was founded in 1993, attendance at the organization’s annual festival has tripled, attracting a diverse group of people from across the country.

The Spencer Fane Charitable Giving Program provides significant support to three local nonprofit organizations through a $50,000 donation, which is distributed to each nonprofit over a three-year period. The program has been designed as a rotation so that one new recipient will enter the program each year and another will exit upon completion of its three-year cycle. The primary goal for the program is to encourage long-standing relationships with partner nonprofit organizations and provide employees with additional opportunities to become involved with the firm’s causes.

The firm’s charitable giving team looks forward to working with the Shakespeare Festival, promoting Kansas City’s art culture and helping community members gain access to local performances.

About the Shakespeare Festival

For more than 20 years, the Heart of America Shakespeare Festival has facilitated educational programs and cost-free performances, benefitting people of all ages and backgrounds. Founded on the belief that theater fosters a sense of community and improves quality of life, the foundation continuously seeks methods to reach a wider audience and improve existing programs. For more information, visit kcshakes.org.