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Top Tips: Performance Review

Performance reviews are critical for maintaining a workplace of engaged, productive, effective employees.   Consider these Top Tips to best manage employee performance:

  • Employee performance reviews should not be limited to an annual or other infrequent basis.  Supervisors and managers must be held accountable for coaching employees and providing positive and negative feedback on an ongoing basis.  An employee should never hear about performance deficiencies for the first time at the formal, annual performance review.

  • Engage the employee in the appraisal process.  Create a workplace where employees participate in setting performance goals. 

  • Train employees to take an active role in identifying any barriers to their success at work.  Hold them accountable for helping to solve problems that stand in the way of their success.

  • Be transparent about how the compensation system works.  Employees should understand the goals they must meet to earn bonuses, compensation increases, and/or promotions. 

  • Implement checks to ensure all supervisors and managers appraise employee performance consistently.  Where possible, involve more than one person in performance appraisals, such as human resources and the supervisor’s manager.

  • Train supervisors and managers about what factors they may lawfully analyze when reviewing and rating employees.  For example, ensure employees are not penalized for taking FMLA leave or performing their job with reasonable accommodations for a disability. 


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