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Top Tips: Mobile Devices: Practical Guidelines for Employers

Mobile devices like laptops, smart phones, and tablets make it easier to work when you happen to be out of the office. They also have the potential to make confidential information readily accessible if your mobile device falls into the wrong hands. Here are some quick tips to help ensure that your company’s confidential information stays confidential:

  1. Keep all mobile devices password protected. Use difficult passwords and change your password periodically.
  2. Have a method for deleting data remotely in the event your device is lost or stolen. Many smartphones today have “remote wipe” capabilities.
  3. Use remote tracking features that allow you to find your mobile device in case you inadvertently misplace it.
  4. Don’t leave your mobile devices unattended in public. Along the same lines, avoid leaving your mobile devices in your car.
  5. Avoid WiFi hotspots in public places as a means of transmitting confidential information (i.e., sending an e-mail with confidential information)
  6. Take care with computer screens that are visible to the public, using a filter so third-parties cannot see your work.This may apply for computers inside the office where a computer is in a more public space. It also may apply if you are outside of the office, perhaps in an airport or coffee shop.