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Coach Corso’s familiar caution invites consideration of the velocity with which the contracts of his former college football coach colleagues are being renegotiated.

College football coach contracts are often prematurely renegotiated.  Universities should consider a representative performance sample before renegotiating a contract so that the amendment properly accounts for the coach’s true performance level.  All too frequently, a single extraordinary season is being treated as the start of a sustainable performance trend rather than a data point. This phenomenon, equally prevalent in college basketball, fuels seemingly boundless salary escalation and, quite often, poorly considered contract amendments.

There are many worthy reasons for a university to amend a coach’s contract, and they range from clerical corrections necessitated by NCAA Bylaw changes to material financial restructurings justified by sustained performance increases. Amendments also result from pressure universities feel to retain a head coach whose services are coveted, or believed to be coveted, by other employers.

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