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Spencer Fane attorney Brian Payne

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Brian Payne believes that service to his clients begins with providing advice and information to help avoid unnecessary litigation. When it becomes apparent that litigation is either unavoidable or ultimately in the best interest of his client, his focus shifts to distinguishing those matters requiring a traditional approach from those best served by alternative dispute resolution techniques, tailoring efficient and effective representation to each unique situation.

A proven track record of trial performance attests to Brian’s ability to develop strategies focused on the avoidance or limitation of liability, while remaining in alignment with the specific business objectives and goals of each client. His experience and success at the appellate level ensures that all matters can be handled consistently from inception to resolution.

Brian’s private practice encompassed all manner of general litigation with particular emphasis in cases involving liability for injuries and contractual disputes.

Contact Brian Payne at 573.708.6563 or bpayne@spencerfane.com.