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Pat Whalen Shares Insights on Spencer Fane Growth

The Kansas City Business Journal recently interviewed Chairman Pat Whalen to discuss the Spencer Fane growth that has it “standing above the crowd” in terms of revenue and income growth.

That growth is, in part, due to the business model where clients’ leaders work with Spencer Fane leaders. “Clients know they’re going to get truly world-class expertise at a Midwestern hourly rate, and no additional baggage of three or four other timekeepers,” said Whalen.

He mentions that the growth is also driven by the firm’s commitment to customer service. “Clients want direction, not a five-page memo they don’t have time to read that doesn’t take a position.” He further explains that, “what they want is actionable advice on the best way to mitigate risk, while achieving the business objective. That value is resonating, and it’s a big reason for our growth.”

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