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Pat Whalen Shares Insights with the Kansas City Business Journal on Spencer Fane Growth

The Kansas City Business Journal recently interviewed Spencer Fane Chairman Patrick J. Whalen to discuss the Spencer Fane growth over the past several years.

In the article, Pat mentions that “we’re focused on client-centered growth that is aligned with our culture and values and that is financially sustainable. We look at those three things whenever we’re looking at adding a new group, making a lateral hire or entering a new market.”

Pat also discusses the importance of collaboration and listening to clients. “Everything we’ve accomplished has been based on having strong lines of communication with clients. If you’re not constantly listening to clients, then you don’t know the road map for growth. You don’t know if a client is thinking about increasing their operations in Denver or Phoenix or Springfield or wherever, and what kinds of needs they’ll have there. So that’s where my focus will be this year.”

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