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Charitable Giving

Spencer Fane is committed to playing an integral role in the communities where we live and work.

The Spencer Fane Charitable Giving Program aims to provide significant support to select local nonprofit organizations through a donation over the course of multiple years. The primary goal of the program is to encourage long-standing relationships with nonprofit organizations and provide Spencer Fane employees with additional opportunities to become involved and positively impact the community.

We seek to support opportunities that meet the firm’s core philanthropic objectives:

  • Impact: Concentrate charitable contributions to have maximum impact on select causes within the community.
  • Relationships: Create opportunity to grow long-lasting relationships with organizations in the community.
  • Involvement: Develop partnerships that allow our attorneys and staff an opportunity to become active participants in the nonprofit community.
  • Commitment: Demonstrate the firm’s commitment to each cause by dedicating resources over a multi-year period to each organization selected for the program.

Current and past recipients of the Spencer Fane Charitable Giving Program are:

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