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Nate Orr Discusses the Future of Downtown Kansas City

In a recent interview on 610 Sports Radio, Spencer Fane attorney and chairman of the Kansas City Downtown Council Nate Orr discussed a wide range of topics related to the continued growth of downtown Kansas City. During the interview, Nate answered questions about the renaissance of the downtown area, the future of the KC Streetcar and Sprint Center, and the potential for a downtown baseball stadium. Nate stressed that the vision for downtown, despite the growth achieved in recent years, is “only going to happen if we keep our foot on the gas.”

In addition, Nate spoke earlier in the week at a luncheon hosted by KC Downtowners, an association of Kansas City residents who are “dedicated to downtown development and to promoting a positive community spirit.” In his remarks, Nate encouraged the audience to continue to support a level of investment in downtown Kansas City that will enable the area to maintain or accelerate its current growth trajectory.

To hear the entire radio interview, click here.