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Mike Hockley Participates in “The Military Factor: Economic Might, Talented Workers” Forum

Mike Hockley, a Spencer Fane partner, participated in Ingram’s industry outlook roundtable discussion on July 9, 2014. The discussion’s focus: “The Military Factor: Economic Might, Talented Workers.” It included men who have served in the military and are now executives in Kansas City businesses. Mike is a West Point graduate, a former U.S. Army Infantry and Judge Advocate General’s Corps Officer, and a member of the firm’s Environmental Law practice group. He also is the President of the US Army Command and General Staff College Foundation and serves on the Armed Forces Bank Board of Trustees.

The discussion focuses on how valuable veterans can be to the business community. Mike was quoted in the article saying, “You have captains who have been in the Army three or four years, commanding a hundred people in combat. They are making life-and-death decisions every day. Those people who are getting out of the Army have a lot to contribute.”

The article stresses how skills veterans learn in the military, such as managing people, time, and assets, are important skills employers look for. In addition, veterans generally know how to lead, and how to follow – two contributing factors to the success of a business.

“Another asset that veterans bring to the table,” said Hockley, “is the ability to adapt to a situation and make decisions under pressure.” The roundtable members agreed that the business sector could certainly gain from hiring veterans who have self-discipline and a strong work ethic, allowing them to continue to contribute to the nation and business development.

The article appears in the July 2014 issue of Ingram’s.