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McCann’s Brewery Work Featured in Kansas City Business Journal

The Kansas City Business Journal featured Spencer Fane Partner Michael McCann in a Dec. 31, 2014, article discussing his recent experience in putting together two major transactions for Kansas City’s own Boulevard Brewing and Bend, Ore.-based 10 Barrell Brewing. McCann worked with Boulevard Brewing as its owner sold the company to Belgian brewer Duval Moorgat and, more recently, he helped orchestrate the purchase of Bend, Ore.-based 10 Barrel Brewing to Anheuser-Busch InBev. “Boulevard and 10 Barrel had become such beloved hometown brands that McCann said there was intense pressure to make sure they found the right buyers who would continue that tradition,” the Business Journal article said. “John McDonald very much wanted to find another family owned business — someone that really shared his values and would continue that legacy of Boulevard in Kansas City,” McCann said. “So it wasn’t really about squeezing every dollar out of the deal, but really finding somebody that would be a good fit for Boulevard and for Kansas City.” McCann told the Business Journal that he’s enjoyed the process of working with both brewery owners and plans to broaden this area of his practice “The owners of the business were fun people,” McCann said. “They were good, straightforward, just really likable people. And in our business it really is great fun when your clients can be just really friends, too. In these deals you get to know each other very well. You spend more time with them than with your family sometimes.”