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Kersten Holzhueter Selected to Join the Class of 2015 Centurions Leadership Program

Spencer Fane is proud to announce that Kersten Holzhueter, an Associate in the Kansas City office, has been selected to join the Class of 2015 Centurions Leadership Program.

Established in 1976, Centurions serves as a training ground for the future leaders of Kansas City. Members are selected through a rigorous process that evaluates their professional success and community engagement through written application, professional recommendations and personal interviews. As a member of this prestigious organization, Kersten will spend two years exploring the opportunities and issues of the Kansas City region to help in shaping the future of the Greater Kansas City area.

Ms. Holzhueter moved to the Kansas City area three years ago and is excited to join this elite group of young professionals as she learns more about what Kansas City has to offer and what the City is expected to see in the future. “I’m excited to learn about how I can get involved now in things that will be happening 20, to even 50, years in the future,” she said. Centurions will not only focus on the present day, but what is happening next, and how young professionals can proactively influence and address the City’s next great moments.

Kersten’s involvement with Centurions serves as a hallmark to the Spencer Fane philosophy of community engagement. Spencer Fane is deeply committed to the communities we serve, and encourage all attorneys and staff to pursue passions which may serve and enrich their communities.