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Gov. Brad Henry and Andy Lester Write Article on Death Penalty Reforms

Spencer Fane LLP attorneys Governor Brad Henry and Andy Lester recently collaborated to write an article published in both Tulsa World and The Oklahoman about death penalty reforms. The article discusses their time serving as co-chairmen of the Oklahoma Death Penalty Review Commission, including identifying a broken system and their recommendations to fix it.

As part of the commission, Brad and Andy released a report that showed Oklahoma–with the current system in place—is risking executing innocent people. “Now, in the months after the commission outlined a way forward, we are hopeful,” the team wrote. “We already have seen two major stakeholders — the Oklahoma Bar Association (OBA) and the District Attorneys Council (DAC) — take up our recommendations and commit to reforms.” Read the full article in Tulsa World here or in The Oklahoman here.

Governor Brad Henry represents clients in both the public and private sectors in government and administrative law. Elected in 2002, Governor Henry served as Oklahoma’s 26th governor.

Andy Lester has a civil litigation and appellate practice in both state and federal court. His fields of emphasis include complex business, civil rights, commercial, constitutional, and state and local government law.