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Representative experience

  • Assisting self-funded health plan sponsors with comprehensive HIPAA privacy and security compliance, including drafting policies and procedures, drafting notices of privacy practices, and conducting training.
  • Advising 401(k) plan sponsors on plan governance and fiduciary issues, including analyzing fee arrangements, negotiating recordkeeping agreements, and drafting investment policy statements.
  • Helping employers analyze their options under the ACA’s “play-or-pay” rules, pointing to ways in which they can avoid having to offer expensive health coverage to additional employees or pay onerous penalties.
  • Regularly advising clients, including multiemployer Taft-Hartley funds, large publicly-traded corporations, insurance companies, small privately-held employers, and boards of directors on benefits issues such as plan design and administration, tax qualification, regulatory compliance, and fiduciary issues.
  • Assisting employers and plan sponsors in negotiating resolution and settlement of Department of Labor investigations.
  • Assisting sponsors of defined benefit pension plan in the implementation of lump-sum payment windows, thereby reducing both PBGC premiums and the funding volatility often associated with such plans.
  • Advising sponsors of group health plans on the proper design of their employee wellness programs and wellness incentives.
  • Advising association health plans on their obligations under the Affordable Care Act and options for avoiding the application of the ACA’s small group health insurance community rating requirements.
  • Advising employers on the termination of retiree group health plans and other strategies for reducing future liability for retiree health benefits.
  • Assisting employers in making submissions to the Department of Labor under the DOL’s Voluntary Fiduciary Correction Program.