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Private Equity and Debt Finance

Private equity capital, venture capital, and private placements from angel and other accredited investors are important sources of capital. Paul Hanley has extensive experience representing companies with sophisticated financing transactions, ranging from advising startup companies to the representation of successful, established companies. Paul assists clients in negotiating and structuring the transaction, including the terms of preferred equity, convertible debt, warrants, hybrid instruments, or other securities. Paul leads a team of our attorneys to prepare and review all of the documentation for the transaction, including term sheets, purchase and contribution agreements, loan agreements, rights agreements, subordination agreements, co-sale agreements, voting agreements, registration rights agreements, and other relevant documents.

Representative transactions in the private equity/recapitalization area include:

Private Equity Minority Recapitalization $30 million
Private Debt and Equity Capitalization $1.95 million
Natural Gas Capitalization and Financing $90 million
Acquisition Financing and Line of Credit Facility $20 million
Private Equity/Line of Credit Facility $30 million
Partnership Capitalization $2.5 million
Preferred Stock Recapitalization $24 million
Equity Recapitalization $3.4 million
Private Convertible Subordinated Debt $3 million
Venture Capital Stock Purchases $15 million
Convertible Subordinated Debt $5 million