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Bank Front Line Staff Seminar

Elizabeth Fast of Spencer Fane will conduct training sessions for front-line banking staff September 24 in Phillipsburg, KS and September 29 in Mayetta, KS., in conjunction with the Community Bankers Association of Kansas (CBA). The 2-hour sessions will cover important banking laws and regulations that are essential knowledge for staff members to properly handle a bank’s operations. Cost is only $49 for CBA members, and $69 for non-members.

Topics Included:

  • Recent BSA enforcement actions and what the examiners are looking for
  • Changes to Reg. E reducing 4 day notice period to 2 days and increasing maximum Consumer liability from $300 to $500
  • New FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment Tool
  • HELOC end of draw period requirements
  • Who is liable for forged maker’s signature, forged endorsement and fraudulent checks
  • How to handle data security breaches & internet fraud losses
  • How to handle living trusts on both the deposit and loan sides of the bank
  • What to watch out for when accepting a Power of Attorney

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