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Charissa Dvorak Interviewed in Houston Chronicle

In a recent Houston Chronicle article about a university administrator stepping down due to allegations of misconduct, the publication interviewed Spencer Fane attorney Charissa Dvorak to gain insights from her work in the area of investigations into misconduct at universities.

Charissa speaks in the article about the challenges of creating “a campus culture that encourages reporting and investigation of sexual misconduct at religious universities.” You can read the entire article here.

Charissa Dvorak assists clients such as universities, churches, mission boards, and other institutions or non-profits by directing investigations, reviewing and developing policies, and providing training and education. Charissa’s experience helps clients that need assistance with a range of legal issues from investigations that require navigating the complexities of Title IX, Clery and FERPA, to assisting organizations with implementing best practices so that processes, policies, and responses to misconduct can be coordinated and improved.