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Spencer Fane is committed to deliberate and careful growth, as is reflected by our small summer associate classes. The small class size allows our summer associates to take on substantial responsibilities right away, work with partners directly and informally, and enjoy the satisfaction of meaningful client contact at an early stage in their development. In addition to extensive practical experience, our summer associates enjoy opportunities to interact with our attorneys in social settings, as we believe it’s important to foster real relationships among our lawyers.


Q: How many Summer Associates will Spencer Fane hire?
A: The number of Summer Associates hired each year depends on the predicted need of the firm and its practice groups when the student graduates. Spencer Fane does not hire its Summer Associates to compete against each other – rather we expect to make offers to each qualified Summer Associate.

Q: How long is Spencer Fane’s summer program?
A: The Summer Associate program is 10 weeks long.

Q: Does Spencer Fane allow splits?
A: Spencer Fane does not allow first-year Summer Associates to split their summers at another firm. Second-year students may split their summers, but are required to spend the first five weeks at Spencer Fane, unless they are returning first-year Summer Associates.

Q: How are projects assigned to Summer Associates?
A: Spencer Fane’s projects are submitted by attorneys to an online database. The projects are distributed by the Summer Program Coordinators based on your level of interest in the area. All Summer Associate projects are real associate-level work, not canned assignments. Aside from research and writing, accompanying attorneys to court, depositions and client meetings are common. These activities usually coincide with a written or researched project, but can also be impromptu.

Q: What types of projects or experiences may I expect over the summer?
A: Again, your work will be a small part of what our Associates do every day. This includes everything from writing a memo to trial research to client matters.

Q: Is there a rotation for Summer Associates?
A: There is no rotation for Summer Associates. You may take projects in as many or as few areas as you see fit.

Q: What are Spencer Fane’s Practice Groups?
To learn more about Spencer Fane’s practice groups click here.

Q: Is there a formal mentoring program for Summer Associates at Spencer Fane?
A: Yes. Each Summer Associate is paired with a mentor. Your mentors are determined by like-areas of interest in the law, alma maters and similar hobbies.

View Spencer Fane’s NALP form here.