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Affirmative Asylum


In August of 2021, the U.S. ended a 20-year war when it exited Afghanistan and Taliban forces entered Kabul, regaining control of the country. The Taliban conducted door-to-door searches and targeted killings of government employees, journalists, health care workers, and women judges, in retaliation for supporting the former Afghan government. After the Taliban seized the border crossings, Kabul Airport was the only secure route out of Afghanistan. Thousands of Afghans rushed to the airport to evacuate. The U.S. airlifted over 120,000 people from Kabul, many of which were affiliated with foreign governments. Before the takeover, Afghanis provided services to foreign governments in exchange for high-profile jobs and much-needed income. The Taliban consider working for any government, especially the U.S. government, a treasonous act.

Employers Must Wait for A More Permanent Immigration Solution

On November 20, 2014 President Obama announced that he would take executive action to further immigration reform amid Congressional gridlock. However, it is critical that employers understand the limited scope of the President’s Executive Order.

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