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Blane Markley Interviewed About the Complexity of Closing St. Francis Hospital

With the recent news about the potential closing of St. Francis Hospital in Topeka, Kansas, The Topeka Capital-Journal interviewed Spencer Fane Partner Blane Markley about the process of closing a hospital.

In the article, Blane mentions that it is a complex process to shut down a hospital, involving multiple questions and agencies. The article goes on to quote Blane explaining that “the employee issues, the what do we do with the assets, what do we do with sort of unwinding things, those typically have a fairly long, I would say 3 to 6 months as a minimum realistic time frame to really, in an organized fashion, wind down.”

You can read the entire article here.

Blane Markley helps health care providers with regulatory compliance, corporate governance, contracts, medical staff, and licensing matters. He also represents health care providers in transactions, hospital affiliation, hospital-physician alignment, litigation, and alternative dispute resolution. Blane chairs the Spencer Fane Health Care practice group.