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Andrew Brought and Mark Thornhill Provide Insights on DOJ Worker Endangerment Initiative

Andrew Brought and Mark Thornhill spoke to health and safety leaders at Kansas City companies about federal civil and criminal enforcement of worker endangerment laws. The presentation was part of the Midwestern Construction Safety Conference sponsored by The Builder’s Association of Kansas City. Drew and Mark explained that the US Department of Labor and the US Department of Justice are coordinating efforts to investigate and prosecute worker endangerment cases and that the agencies are charging individuals and companies under statutes that allow serious penalties upon conviction. Drew and Mark discussed case studies of recent prosecutions, showing violations and penalties involved. A copy of Drew’s presentation can be downloaded here, and a copy of Mark’s presentation can be downloaded here.

Andrew and Mark will conduct a webinar this spring covering this topic that is of high importance to companies in every industry where employees are exposed to hazards.

The Midwestern Construction Safety Conference is hosted by the Builders’ Association, and is dedicated to improving construction safety.

Andrew Brought is an environmental attorney, counseling manufacturers, industrial clients, and businesses with complex environmental, health, and safety matters.

Mark Thornhill represents individuals and organizations in white collar criminal and regulatory cases, and previously served as a prosecutor with the United States Department of Justice.