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Sue Willman Quoted in the Chicago Tribune

When should you tell the boss about your retirement plans? Wait too long and you could burn a bridge. Tip your hand too early and risk being labeled irrelevant or flag yourself for a layoff even earlier than you wanted to go. Many employer pension or 401(k) plans require a month or more to prepare exit documents, so be sure you know the basic rules. Beyond that, think about the bigger is-sue of timing your departure so you end up actually leaving when you want to — and on a good note. “It’s a real balancing act,” said Sue Willman, an attorney with Spencer Fane Britt & Browne LLP’s labor and employment practice group in Kansas City, Mo. “For employers, it’s nice to know as soon as possible so you can plan your staff accordingly and look at your organizational options. On the other hand, there could be a fear that ‘If I tell them too early maybe they’ll look for an opportunity to eliminate me.’ ” Read the entire article here: Timing of notice can carry unwanted effects